It’s happening again! //

Since 2006 the Belgian electronica duo headed by John C. (composer / programmer) and Gore (sonic manipulator) is building rythm’n drones soundscapes… Cruise [Ctrl] released a bunch of maxi and 2 albums on Divine Comedy (Fr) + 2 others on Signifier (Usa). they worked with many actors of the scene, like Jean-Luc De Meyer, Dirk Ivens, Richard 23, Patrick Codenys, HIV+ , Céline, Sulfuric Saliva, C-Drik, Oil 10, Lambwool, Babylone Chaos, Sigma and many more.

Cruise [Ctrl] is back on the French label M-Tronic with their 10th releases (5th album) : “It’s happening again!”. This new (7 tracks) album by Cruise [Ctrl] offers, in this new long play, a new grown shape of the project.

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Cruise [ctrl] – White Sands 45 (It’s happening again! M-Tronic, 2020)

Cruise [ctrl] – Black Orb (It’s happening again! M-Tronic, 2020)