Review in Side-Line Magazine

After some hesitant EP’s this Belgian duo (set up by members of the now split The Dawn Visitors) released a very noteworthy debut CD “I Heard It!” in 2008 on the qualitative French label Divine Comedy Records. At the end of 2010 they struck back with this 2nd opus “How’s Annie?” The album moves on the path of his predecessor revealing a mix of electro ambient atmospheres and old-school electronics. Cruise [CTRL] is merging vintage- and minimal electronics with mysterious sound waves. All compositions are once more instrumental, but this minimalism works really well! The ‘receipt’ of the project is quite easy, but efficient. The entire work is based on a very professional mixing and production while the music, properly speaking is rather simple, but efficient. Cruise [CTRL] avoids complexity, but again have written noticeable songs. “Pomona Road” in the debut part of the album is a first real cool cut where metal electro sounds and mysterious atmospheres are getting the listener in their grip. “Labyrinth Girl (feat. Babylone Chaos)” is one of the absolute masterpieces. I here especially like the minimalism from the song while the production skills reveal a real high maturity. “Where Is Alice? Alice Who?” is a song in a similar vein. It sounds a bit more old-school electro-like, but is already evoking a fascinating minimalism in sound. “Ugly Expresso In Hollywood” sounds rather funny as song title, but is a remarkable song for its vintage sounds. The last 3 songs are remixes and we here get a real surprise. Some of you will for sure remember No More from their legendary song “Suicide Commando”. This project made a quite noticeable remix of “Pomona Road”. Among the 2 remixes left I noticed a very typical and cool remix of Oil 10. The typical bleeps of Oil 10 were perfectly assimilated to the original version of “Where Is Alice? Alice Who?” Cruise [CTRL] is a Belgian band moving and composing asides of the more famous Belgian electro acts, but is for sure one of best ambassadors in original electronics! (DP:8)DP.