Review in Side-Line Magazine

The Belgian duo of Cruise [ctrl] remains for me one of the best surprises of the past few years. The electro-minimalism of those sound manipulators remains a fresh and original mix of electronic eclecticism. I became more convinced that Cruise [ctrl] is one of the few qualitative IDM-projects we have in Belgium. The minimalism and simplicity of their work is their main characteristic. The new work becomes a little bit more elaborate, moving into more explicit electro-industrial fields. I noticed a few elements reminding me to The Klinik and Dive. It here only consist of a few little elements, Cruise [ctrl] remaining first of all a very unique project in their genre. The constant move in between electro-experimental and Klinik-al industrial music is executed with knowledge. I dare to say that the new tracks are a bit more elaborate in sound, like taking some distance with the previous work. Let’s say that this album is more sophisticated while holding on the main spirit of Cruise [ctrl]. The opening tracks are perfect teasers to the sublime “P 2 8 9 14 29” and the outstanding “In The Heart Of A Circle Of 12 Sycamores”. Cruise [ctrl] created icy atmospheres of electro loops driven by harder rhythms. They’ also are experimenting with some soundscape influences “cf. “Last Motion Of The YellowMan”), which is not their best part. This song closes the mainchapter of the album featuring 6 tracks. The next 2 and last tracks feature vocals. Cruise [ctrl] here worked with guest singers. We first get “Billy’s Problem” featuring Sigma. It’s a cool track with spoken like female vocals. The last cut “(In Hell) Everything Is Fine” is definitely the attention grabber of the album. This song features Dirk Ivens on vocals. Ivens sings in his typical and charismatic way, which totally matches to the music of Cruise [ctrl]. The song sounds like a sophisticated version of Dive. You clearly can hear it’s not a Dive-song while at the other hand it clearly shows the source of inspiration used by Cruise [ctrl]. Cruise [ctrl] again surprised me; this album with a somewhat different sound, which sounds like the fruits of their growing maturity and experience. It’s again a fascinating experience, which I hope will finally give them the deserved recognition.