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Lux Atenea News nº6.649

8 Tracks, with the participation of Sigma and Dirk Ivens (Dive, Sonar, klinik, Absolute Body Control)
Released September 25, 2012

Cruise [Ctrl] is back with their third full length studio release, “Cruise [Ctrl]…are not what they seem” and they are poised for big things. Signifier is pleased to present eight brand new tracks which carry the Belgian pair’s characteristic sound last heard on 2011’s “How’s Annie (US Edition) to a new level of masterful audio execution. The artists continue to explore the mythology behind cult classic television program “Twin Peaks” and those listeners familiar with the eerie David Lynch episodic will find a haunting correlation between the music and its inspiration. With this release, Cruise [Ctrl]’s sound has evolved beyond their orignal minimal techno and industrial roots. While these influences are still very much present, the inclusion of more experimental techniques and grinding mechanical elements introduce a welcome sort of intentional discomfort. The album’s whirling atmospherics and rich, sparse beatwork ensure that listeners won’t be able to stop themselves from moving their heads along with the restrained and effective techniques that make this outing much more than a passive listening experience. For the first time, the pair collaborates with vocalists on two tracks. “In hell (everything is fine)” features the distinctive sound of Dirk Ivens (Klink/Sonar/Absolute Body Control) and “Billy’s problem” is rendered complete with by Sigma (Komplex). Lyrics and vocal collaborations have added an entirely different and welcome variant to Cruise [Ctrl]’s signature sound.