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CRUISE [CTRL]: …Are Not What they Seem  CD Signifier

The minimalist Belgian duo is back, with this their third album. Centralising once again their explorations in sound around the cult classic ‘Twin Peaks’ (although not audibly evident, apart from on ‘Billy’s Problem’), focus is directed squarely on the monotony of simplistic analogue sounding synths and repetitive beats.

It’s a formula that many have embraced in the past and it happens to be one I relish.  There is a lot about this duo that smacks of those they hold in direct influence; namely Absolute Body Control.  Indeed fellow Belgian Dirk Ivens, makes an appearance on ANWTS with vocal and lyrical assistance on the stirring, ‘In Hell (Everything is Fine)’ and in truth this could have been a track penned solely by the man himself; which is by no means a bad thing at all.

There is a lot to applaud about with this latest instalment, with little to steer the path of course from previous efforts; it’s good to see that if the old adage of “if it’s not broken then why fix it?” means you produce something as decent as before then I am all for it.    There are more than enough minor distractions on Cruise [CTRL]’s latest release to keeps things fresh and interesting from the norm, whilst not detracting from what has made them enjoyable previously.