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Cruise [Ctrl] is a Belgian electronica duo headed by John C. (composer / programmer / sonic manipulator) and Gore (sonic manipulator).  Their influences range from minimalist noise acts all the way to hard electro.

2006-2011 : “I Heard it!” and “How’s Annie?”

Two albums are released on Divine Comedy Records: I HEARD IT! (2008) and HOW’S ANNIE? (2010). They features original tracks, collaborations (with Jean-Luc De Meyer aka “the voice of FRONT 242″, Celine or Babylone Chaos) and remixes (by The Rorschach Garden, Oil, No More, C-Drik, Roswell conspiracy, Sulphuric Saliva, Celluloide, Communication Zero).

The duo also record drone-atmospheric tunes: the TWO.LONE.SNOWMEN.SESSIONS. Episode 1 & 2  were issued on Meka Productions in March 2009. The following episodes will be featured on this website.

A North American version of How’s Annie? is edited by Signifier in 2011. This reedition features two bonus remixes.

2012 : “… are not what they seem”.

The third album (…ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM) is published in 2012 by Signifier (US indie label). It features 8 original tracks  and new collaborations with Dirk Ivens (Dive, Sonar, Absolute Body Control…) and Sigma (Komplex).

2016 : “Let’s Rock!”.

After some exciting collaborations (with Richard 23 & Patrick Codenys, Holm/Mirland, Fractional…), our fourth album is published in the early 2016, 10 years after our first gig and our first EP. It features 8 original tracks, no collaborations, no voices, no remixes. A raw album that end a cycle open with …are not what they seem. What’s next?

2020 : “It’s Happening again!”

Cruise [Ctrl] is back with they 10th releases (5th album), “It’s happening again!”. This new (7 tracks) album by Cruise [Ctrl] is more mature and minimal, and offers us, in this new long play, a new grown shape of the project.


Albums / EP

  • It’s Happening Again! (2020, M-Tronic)
  • Let’s Rock! (2016, Signifier)
  • … Are not what they seem (2012, Signifier)
  • How’s Annie? (2012, North American Version, Signifier)
  • Red or Blue? [Remixes] (2011, MEKA Productions)
  • Two.Lone.Snowmen.Session / Episode 3 (2011, Download)
  • How’s Annie? (2010, Divine Comedy Records)
  • Two.Lone.Snowmen.Session / Episodes 1 & 2 (2009, MEKA Productions)
  • We’ve met before, haven’t we? (2009, promo EP)
  • I Heard it! (2008, Divine Comedy Records)
  • Cruise me baby! [remixes] (2007, Abyssa netlabel)
  • Garmonbozia! (2006, promo EP)
  • No hay Banda! (2006, promo EP)

Samplers, collaborations & remixes (selection)

  • Suicide Tibute to iconic Legends (2014, Unknow Pleasures Records, 2014)
  • Holm/Mirland – Europa Machine (2013, audio visual algebra)
  • Fractional – Blood Remixes (2010, Tympanik Audio)
  • Elegy Sampler n°59 (2009, Elegy Magazine)
  • Implant – Implantology – Bonus CD (2009, Alfa Matrix)
  • Electro Manifesto 3 “French Tribute to Mute records” (2009, M-Tronic)
  • Blackula – Remixes by the Alieting (2008, Abyssa)
  • Three faces of Thalassa (2008, earsheltering)
  • La Brocante MP3 (2008, Abyssa netlabel)
  • Shadows in the Dark [LP] (2007, Minimal Maximal / Bodybeat)
  • Electronic Manifesto 2 (2007, Divine Comedy Records)
  • Wav Party (2007, Cannibale Caniche)
  • Le rêve silencieux (2007, Abyssa)
  • Giscard le survivant – Témérité militaire des tueurs insanes (2007, Antisocial)
  • TAT – Thalidomide: Reminiscence remixes (2006)
  • Mind the gap #61 (2006)