Sunn o))) & Pan Sonic – Che

Contribution to Holm/Mirland first album

A remix of Cruise [Ctrl] is featured on the Danish minimal techno duo Holm/Mirland’ second EP… Enjoy it!

Cruise [Ctrl] live in Brussels!

Le programme de la 39ème Fantastique.Night est résolument orientée vers l’electro vintage. Avant de rejoindre Daniel B. pour former Front 242, Jean-Luc De Meyer et Patrick Codenys sévissaient au sein d’Underviewer, en tête d’affiche… Continue reading

Cruise (Ctrl) – 51,201 (rare)

Cruise [CTRL] – 51,201 Cruise [CTRL]’s contribution to “These Sounds Will Have to Meet Somewhere in Between” compilation – Signifier Records – 2011 Video by Ab Strakt :

Review in BlackAudio webzine

CRUISE [CTRL]: …Are Not What they Seem  CD Signifier The minimalist Belgian duo is back, with this their third album. Centralising once again their explorations in sound around the cult classic ‘Twin Peaks’… Continue reading