Review in BlackAudio webzine

CRUISE [CTRL]: …Are Not What they Seem  CD Signifier The minimalist Belgian duo is back, with this their third album. Centralising once again their explorations in sound around the cult classic ‘Twin Peaks’… Continue reading

Review in Rif Raf FR/NL

Holm/Mirland: Navnløs (Nameless)

Excellent !!! Soon a Cruise [Ctrl] remix… and maybe more.

Review in COMA

Only through research did I ascertain that this third full-length album from Belgium’s Cruise [Ctrl] was named for its dominant influence—David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Having never seen the show myself (I know, I know),… Continue reading

Review in Re Gen Magazine

It is undeniably a fitting connection to make between the illusory logic (or lack of thereof) of David Lynch’s seminal TV classic and the broken, cracking rhythm of Cruise [Ctrl]’s latest release. The… Continue reading