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Lux Atenea News nº6.649 8 Tracks, with the participation of Sigma and Dirk Ivens (Dive, Sonar, klinik, Absolute Body Control) Released September 25, 2012 Cruise [Ctrl] is back with their third full length… Continue reading


CRUISE [CTRL] “…ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM” (P) & (C) 2012 SIGNIFIER 8 TKS/39 MINS Новый студийный альбом бельгийского дуэта CRUISE [CTRL] представляет все такое же безжизненное, гипнотизирующее, атмосферное, монотонное ритмичное индустриально-технологическое электронное… Continue reading

Lambwool – Angel (feat. Sigma)

Review in “I die : You die” (US)

Cruise [Ctrl] – “…Are Not What They Seem” – Teaser

Cruise [Ctrl] – “…Are Not What They Seem”
Signifier Records – Release Date: September 25, 2012…

1. Letters under nails
2. A man’s attitude goes someway the way his life will be
3. P 2 8 9 14 29
4. In the heart of a circle of twelve sycamores
5. Animal kit
6. Last movement of the Yellow Man
7. Billy’s problem feat. Sigma
8. In hell (everything is fine) feat. Dirk Ivens

Music by Cruise [Ctrl]
Lyrics on track 7 by Cruise [Ctrl]
Lyrics on track 8 by Cruise [Ctrl] + Dirk Ivens
Mastered by CAGEX ( )
Artwork by John C.
Photograph by Xavier Dufour
Teaser directed by Ab Strakt