Roger Rotor – Astore Coddaventu


Carter Tutti Void – V3

Official release date: September 25th!!!

Signifier announce officially the release date of Cruise [Ctrl]’s new album for September 25, 2012 !!! Featuring the talents of Sigma and Dirk Ivens. Music by Cruise [Ctrl] Lyrics on track 7 by Cruise… Continue reading

Review in Peek-a-Boo

CRUISE [CTRL], the duo based in Belgium, is a sort of UFO in the music scene. The first two albums of John and Gore, “I Heard It!” in 2008 and “How’s Annie?” in… Continue reading

A track from the forthcoming album of Cruise [Ctrl] on Hidden Form Radio

Exclusive track from the forthcoming album of Cruise [Ctrl] (among other artists of the North American label Signifier) on Hidden Form Radio. Link